WiFi Antenna building night! Febuary 11, 2010 DC612

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Let’s build some fun antennas! Things like the Wifi Cantenna, Bi-Quad sardine antenna, HDTV, etc.

I will supply the materials like, pop-rivets, soldering irons, N-female connectors, Copper wire.   You supply a clean tin can.  You can use soup cans, pinapple juice cans, anything that is made of metal, and has been washed out!  We will calcuate the placement based on the size of the can, and you can go to town making your own canteena.

Please register using Event Brite: http://wifi-building.eventbrite.com/

If you want to make a bi-quad anteena, which has about 10-12db of gain, you can bring a cookie tin or sardine can that is at least 62mm x 40mm.

If you want to make the HDTV antenna from Make, please plan on bringing your own supplies ( see http://blog.makezine.com/archive/2009/01/maker_workshop_dtv_antenna_steadyca.html).

The anteena connectors for the WiFi anteenas will be $5, and as can be purchased at the time of the event.  I will make sure that I bring at least one connector/person.  To use these, you will need a wireless card that has an external antenna connector, such as an MMCX or RP-SMA.  You will then need a pigtail that does N-Male to your card, EG: N-Male to MMCX, or N-Male to RP-SMA Male.

If people want to bring a DSS (small dish) satilite dish we can mount the cantenna on the end, and you can boostt your performace by quite a bit!

The hack factory is located at 3119 East 26th Street, Minneapolis, MN 55406, Enter using the side door by the large garage door.

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