Thursday, July 8th – 6:12pm @ Virtual

Written by  on July 6, 2021

Hello hackers!

This month we are happy to have Jacen Kohler join us to speak a bit on physical ID forgery:

A common method of gaining legitimacy on social engineering is the “Appeal to Authority” technique. This involves preforming OSINT on your target and referencing a figure of authority. If you have a fake employee ID, you can take a step closer to becoming the authority. A forged badge can add a visual layer to your story helping target employees become more likely to see you as a legitimate entity. In this talk, I will be showing how to create simple forged IDs, share some tips that helped me in previous engagements, and give an overview of times when having a fake badge helped me achieve my goals set forth by the client.

Jacen R Kohler has been working in cyber security and information security for the last 6 years. He received his degree in Computer Engineering from the University of North Texas in Computer Engineering. His career in security consulting has taken him through many industries including finance, transportation, energy, and government.

As usual these days, we will be meeting online at

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