April 7th Meeting 6pm @ Elsies

Written by  on March 31, 2011

This months meeting is going to be on the first Thursday of April due to Thotcon & BSidesChicago taking place the week after. Spenser Reinhardt is going to be giving a talk on the following:

Intro to Debugging Linux Apps: Learn about on disk and in memory application layouts that applies to both Windows and Linux, some basic and generic assembly instructions, and how to get the most out of GDB and debugging your applications. A basic idea of application structure is a foundational base before jumping into debugging C and ASM applications. Specific application issues such as one off errors, null pointers, illegal memory addressing, and more will be covered.

Previous knowledge needed: Familiarity with Linux in general and the CLI, Basic programming experience in non-managed code environments is suggested but not necessary.

What this covers: Application memory layout, some OS memory management restrictions, ASM and C++ application debugging, Apps compiled with and without debugging symbols

What this does not cover: In-depth reverse engineering, advanced ASM programming and OS memory technicalities. Windows Debugging

This months meeting is going to be at Elsies Bar and bowling alley.


6:00PM-6:30PM – Order food and drinks

6:30PM-???? – Spenser Reinhardt

See you Thursday!



CANCELED: March 10th Meeting 6:30PM @ Elsie’s

Written by  on March 2, 2011

** This meeting has been canceled due to unforeseen circumstances. We apologize for the inconvenience. **