November 11th Meeting 6:30pm @ Hack Factory

Written by  on November 1, 2010

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Just and update, Tim is out for the night, so David is going to do a “Pentesting for fun & Profit”. This was presented with a Trustwave co-worker at Toorcon, this will be the short version. Jared Bird is going to bring a few VM’s for us to play with, and will do a pentest primer.  If people want to follow along, feel free to bring a computer with the following: Linux/Backtack, Nmap, metasploit, winexe-PTH, enum4linux, gsecdump, etc.

“Are you a security professional looking to add penetration testing to your skill set? Looking for a real world view of your business’ risk? Love hearing war stories beyond a one-step tool? Penetration testing methodologies, tools, and techniques have evolved much over the years.

We will focus on basic methodologies for what a pentest should look like, the goals of a reasonable test, old and brand new tips and tricks of the trade, and real life stories (not case studies) of how one small vulnerability can result in full-infrastructure compromise. From internal and external networks to wireless and physical, learn how to gain unauthorized access to systems to obtaining data critical to the business infrastructure will result in greater profit (and protection of course). ”

We will also have Mike Krumpus, who showed off his pong game a while ago, and has created “Hackvision” (, and will be demoing this as well.

The Hack Factory doesn’t have a bar, so bring your own food & beer and remember, there are no maids on the Hack Factory payroll, so you need to clean up after yourself. If we get enough people, we can order a pizza- luce and domino’s deliver.


6-7PM – Meet and Greet

7-8PM – Mike Krumps & Hackvision

8-9PM – Pentesting for fun & profit

Please RSVP:

See you Thursday!


Hack Factory is located in the Seward neighborhood. Enter via the yellow side door.

3119 East 26th ST

Minneapolis, MN 55418.