Thursday, February 13th 2020 – 6:12PM @ Wilde Cafe

Written by  on February 6, 2020

Hello Hackers!

It’s almost Valentine’s Day and that means looooove is in the air.

And packets.

As it turns out, those packets that we trust with our more intimate privacy might not be as safe as we’d hope. That’s why this month, we are pleased to have DefCon legend Renderman visit and tell us all about his research into the Internet of Dongs:

Everything is becoming ‘Smart’ nowadays and researchers have looked at many of them and found terrible things. There is one branch however that no one has wanted to touch. Internet connected sex toys in all shapes, sizes and capabilities are available on the market with many more being developed. Like many IoT devices, IoD (Internet of Dongs) devices suffer a great many security and privacy vulnerabilities. These issues are all the more important when you consider the private and intimate nature of these devices. To research this, the Internet of Dongs project was founded ( This talk will explore this under researched branch of IoT and the security and privacy threats that exist. It will also cover the IoD projects efforts to bring information security best practices to the adult toy industry.

Now I know this topic might elicit some chuckles from certain audiences, but I’d like to specifically request that the tone be kept professional as much as possible. This is legitimate research with real-world consequences.

— TactiFail

Where: Wilde Cafe – 65 Main St SE, Mpls.
When: Thursday, February 13th, 2020 @ 6:12PM