Thursday, July 11th – 6:12PM @ Wilde Cafe

Written by  on July 4, 2019

Hello Hackers!

This month, our last before we take a break for DefCon proper, we will enjoy a presentation by Gabe Thompson (@grnbeltwarrior) entitled “All your RF belong to us – Not just another RTL-SDR 101 talk”. In his own words:

While not another 101 talk, I’ll hit the high points of RTL-SDR hardware. Then hit some software that comes in handy when looking for interesting radio frequencies. Focusing on gqrx, an open source software defined radio, we will look into what some of the common frequencies look like in the waterfall (AM/FM and finally POCSAG/FLEX). Short definition of what FLEX and POCSAG are and what they are used commonly for. Show how to identify these in the waterfall and some common ranges for them in North America/United States. Lastly go into demonstrating finding them using gqrx, rtl-sdr dongle and other software to display messages.

Sounds exciting, and is definitely something I have wanted to learn more about.

And one more time, a reminder that we will *not* be meeting at Wilde Cafe in August since many of us will be in Vegas for DefCon. We might organize a meetup there and post something, TBD.

— TactiFail

Where:  Wilde Cafe – 65 Main St SE, Mpls.
When: Thursday, July 11th 6:12PM