DC612 – Thursday March 9th, 6PM @ Wilde Roast

Written by  on March 4, 2017 

Hello again!

On this month’s agenda we have a first-time speaker and relative newcomer to the DC612 scene: Taya Ellingworth.

She will be taking us back more than a hundred years, into the dimly-lit parlors of the Victorian-age seers, mediums, psychics, and clairvoyants.  Possibly considered early hackers, they employed an arsenal of clever tricks – some simple and others fairly complex – to part their marks from their money, and convince the masses that they could commune with the dead, read minds, and more.  Taya will provide a history of some of the more well-known mystics, and their routines, at the risk of angering their spirits.

As always, food and drink orders starting at 6 with the presentation beginning around 7 or when enough people have shown up.

See you then!

— TactiFail

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