DC612 Wardrive – Saturday July 15, 2017

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The 2017 DC612 Wardrive is official!

On Saturday, July 15 we will meet outside the St. Anthony Falls parking garage ($5 parking for up to 12 hours) for a 4PM pickup, then enjoy 3 hours of hackery and drinking with a short break in the middle for snacks and leg-stretching.  Please plan on showing up at least 15 minutes early so we can do a head count and make sure we’re not over-booked.  There are three important things that anyone attending needs to know:

  1. Important!  We went with the Black Onyx bus which can seat up to 40, maximum 60 with standing room.  Realistically speaking, considering the gear and booze we will only be able to accommodate around 30 people comfortably, so we have set up a RSVP link here:  clickyUpdate:  Apparently EventBrite requires an account to RSVP, but we won’t know or care if you use fake info  🙂  Sorry for the inconvenience!You must RSVP if you wish to come with!  If you don’t and you show up anyway, we will give priority to those who did RSVP and if there is room left we will open it up to general admittance on a first-come first-serve basis.
  2. We want everyone to be able to attend regardless of financial situations.  While there is no mandatory fee for attending, we are requesting $20 cash per person for those who can afford it to help offset costs.  If you can chip in more, that is definitely appreciated.  Update: If you would like to contribute via Bitcoin, an address has been set up: 1JueDXm6AEtuq9PyFRhFkZYDFAQsfUsYwa
  3. This is a 21+ event.  Alcohol is allowed, and some generic drinks will be provided but you are encouraged to bring your own.  Please be responsible, don’t overdo it and throw up or anything.  We want to do this again, and making fools of ourselves is not a good step in that direction.


A good resource for hardware compatibility is this page from the aircrack wiki.  Otherwise, ALFA brand cards have long been a solid choice.

For any questions, please email info@dc612.org or message us on Twitter at @DC612.  See you there!

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