Payload from balloon launch found!!

Written by  on June 8, 2013 

The payload from the balloon launch last October was found on June 1st. A guy in Wisconsin was hunting on his property when he spotted the styrofoam cooler. It was found at approximately 45.175661,-92.034424. He called my cell number which had been attached to the side of the cooler. He said it “stuck out like a sore thumb in the trees.” He also said the payload and equipment inside was “destroyed”, but was able to retrieve the SD card from the camera and mailed it to me. The full length unedited video can be found at We learned several good lessons including using a better cell phone carrier to track the payload and as seen in the video, better stabilizers are needed for the next attempt. I suppose it would also be a good idea to wait for a clear day next time around….

– Jared

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