DC612 – Tuesday, October 11th – 6pm @ the Wilde Roast

Written by  on September 30, 2016 

DC612 brings you:

Judd Larson on Extortion as a Threat Vector in the Medical Device Industry.
“Many threat vectors have been assessed in the medical device world, but there is no available work on extortion as a threat vector. By mapping the extortion attack surface area of a given medical device, understanding the threat actors, and looking into how the exploits would happen, I made a tool to help understand the problem better. My hope is that a medical device company would use this information to roll extortion threat assessment into their existing safety evaluations.” – Judd Larson
Judd on Judd:  “Medical device security and the complications surrounding it are particularly fascinating to me. l’m a recent graduate from the University of MN with a MS Medical Device Innovation and a Cybersecurity minor. The talk topic is from my capstone project.”


See everyone at the always accommodating,  Wilde Roast Cafe in NE Minneapolis!

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