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Thursday, June 11th – 6:12pm @Virtual Only

Written by  on June 8, 2020

DC612 June Meeting – Live From the Interwebs

UPDATE: The June DC612 Meeting URL is: https://cafe.cyberia.club/random-meeting-name-DC612

Feel free to lurk until the meeting officially starts at 6:12pm

This is another virtual-only meeting. We will again be using Jitsi, courtesy of our friends at Cyberia. Please forgive any technical issues as we continue to figure out this new platform.

This Month, Starless will be speaking on a subject of growing relevance.

“Mask Hacks, or How to Be A Good Neighbor in A Pandemic”

Everything you’re supposed to buy is sold out at Target. How can you use household materials to make your mask the best possible, given the circumstances? Damned if I know. But! Here are some guesses. I’m not qualified to give this talk, but I’m too mad about people not solving these problems any better to do nothing. Join me at my work desk for materials ideas, mask fitting opinions, a nose wire bending demo and maybe even a filter construction demo, if you ask nice.”

This Month we’ll talk Masks, Institutional Racism and provide resources to help us all become better Anti-Racists.

The meeting URL will be shared an hour before the meeting is set to start on Thursday. See you all there!


Thursday, April 11th – 6pm @ Wilde Roast Cafe

Written by  on April 6, 2019

Update: Unfortunately with the coming storm we have decided to cancel the April meeting. We may reschedule if it works out for our speakers (and the weather), so keep an eye on this channel for more.

Annnnnnd, We’re Back!

DC612 is back on our regular night (Second Thursday) and at our regular location (Wilde Roast).

This month we get Blue, with POWER-RESPONSE !

Power-response is a modular, open-source PowerShell incident response framework that allows incident responders to take advantage of robust tools in a consolidated console while conducting the incident response effort. Power-Response takes advantage of PowerShell remoting and uses additional 3rd party tools for data collection and to perform automated analysis with the goal of reducing the time needed to collect and perform analysis on critical data.
Whether you’re Blue Team, Red Team or just craving the gelato, This talk is for you!
Happy Hacking!

Thursday, March 7th – 6pm @ Wilde Roast Cafe

Written by  on March 3, 2019

Important Update! The location has changed but the date remains the same from our last announcement (it is the first Thursday this month). Our usual spot is closed for renovations, so we will be returning to our old stomping grounds at Elsie’s! We won’t be in the front room near the entrance it sounds like, but rather in the back room in the dining area. Ask staff if you need directions. There is usually plenty of free parking, and the side road has curbside parking as well.

Where:  Elsie’s Dining – 729 Marshall St. NE, Mpls.

When: Thursday March 7th, 6PM

Welcome Friends to the 1st Annual DC612 Game Night!

We will have two Hacker friendly games available for play.

C.I.A. (https://www.kickstarter.com/projects/mmasnick/cia-collect-it-all)

– A competitive card game based on the CIA’s declassified training game: Collection Deck.

Get Loot (https://shop.hak5.org/products/get-loot)

– GET LOOT is a 3-5 player competitive hacking game where your goal is to exfiltrate (steal) loot while sabotaging your rivals with strategic crypto-locks and Hak5 themed cyber attacks!

Don’t forget to bring your lock pick sets! We will have a collection of practice locks to play with through out the evening.


Rescheduled To: Monday February 11th – 6pm @ Wilde Roast Cafe

Written by  on February 2, 2019

Hey Hacker Fam

Our February Meeting is rolling up to you a week early – thanks hallmark holiday 🙁

On tap this month we have a topic that we can all relate to.

This week at DC612 we’re talking DOCUMENTATION! and what its really good for? Or more importantly, how do we feel about it?

(Most people) Don’t like it

(Most people) Don’t like to write it

(Most people) Don’t like to sift through it

Then again (Most people) Really don’t like when it’s not there

Then again (Most people) Really don’t like it when it’s there and it’s wrong

This Thursday, come on out for our speaker Eric.  His talk will cover a history of documentation, reflections on why we document and ways we can do it better.

Hope to see all you there!



Thursday, October 11th – 6pm @ Wilde Roast Cafe

Written by  on October 8, 2018

October has arrived in Minnesota!
With the chill has come pumpkin spice, golden leaves, apple cider and spooky movie marathons.

Speaking of scary, this months topic is sure to give us all the DevOps creeps.
This October we welcome Ian Coldwater, here to talk about Kubernetes Security. She will ghoulishly guide us through practical advice on securing your Kubernetes clusters, from an attacker’s perspective.

Where: Wilde Roast Cafe – 65 Main St SE, Mpls.
When: Thursday October 11th – 6pm (ish)