Trevor McDonald

Thursday, May 9th – 6PM @ Wilde Roast Cafe

Written by  on May 2, 2019

Hello hackers!

This month, DC612 founder David Bryan (VideoMan) will be giving a preview of his upcoming Thotcon talk titled “Goldilocks and the three ATM attacks”. The abstract reads as follows:

Automated Teller Machines (ATM) attacks are more sophisticated than ever before. Criminals have upped their game, compromising and manipulating ATM networks, software and other connected infrastructure. Between having a third-party manage these machines, and ATMs deployed on low-bandwidth links, it’s an inevitable wild-west environment. In this talk I will review three case studies of ATM attacks, showing how they have become more dangerous than ever before. In this session, I will discuss unknown ATM flaws our pentesting team has uncovered while performing testing, the various ways criminals are attacking ATMs, the many security problems that we have identified with ATM systems, and what can be done to prevent these attacks. I will review three case studies of ATMs. One where the ATM security was extremely poor; One where the security was very good but the ATM still fell victim to an attack because we discovered a zero-day in the management software; And one where the security was just right- but its specific deployment had some major flaws that ultimately led to an ATM compromise. In this last case, the attackers side-loaded an application, and were able to run a criminal ring that led to $7M USD in losses.

Exciting stuff – hope to see you all there!

— TactiFail

Where:  Wilde Roast Cafe – 65 Main St SE, Mpls.
When: Thursday, May 9th 6PM  

Monday, April 22nd – 6pm @ Wilde Roast Cafe

Written by  on April 17, 2019

We are back on for April!

DC612 is back on an irregular night (third Monday) but at our regular location (Wilde Roast). Minnesota tried its best to keep us away, but we persisted!

This month we get Blue, with POWER-RESPONSE!

Power-response is a modular, open-source PowerShell incident response framework that allows incident responders to take advantage of robust tools in a consolidated console while conducting the incident response effort. Power-Response takes advantage of PowerShell remoting and uses additional 3rd party tools for data collection and to perform automated analysis with the goal of reducing the time needed to collect and perform analysis on critical data.
Whether you’re Blue Team, Red Team or just craving the gelato, this talk is for you!
Happy Hacking!

— TactiFail (Original post by Kat)

Where:  Wilde Roast Cafe – 65 Main St SE, Mpls.
When: Monday, April 22nd 6PM

Bonus Meeting! Tuesday, March 26th – 6pm @ Wilde Roast Cafe

Written by  on March 13, 2019

Hello hackers!

We are happy to announce a SECOND meeting this March – that’s two for the price of none!

Josh More, frequent speaker and resident intern wrangler will be wrangling interns this month. He has invited them to meet with DC612 folk and learn what it is like to work in security. It will be a pretty relaxed session, general Q&A sort of thing, open mic. Feel free to join us and discuss the day-to-day of working in the security field, whether you are on the blue team, the red team, the orange team, Team Edward, Ravenclaw, Next Generation, or even emacs.

See you all there!

— TactiFail

Where:  Wilde Roast Cafe – 65 Main St SE, Mpls.
When: Tuesday, March 26th, 6PM

Thursday, January 17th – 6pm @ Wilde Roast Cafe

Written by  on January 12, 2019

Hello hackers, and welcome to 2019!

To start the year off we will be hearing from @b_radmn about an OS command injection vulnerability he found in the Steam game client, affecting pretty much all Steam games on Windows. The talk will focus on the process of discovery, weaponization, and paths to exploitation. Time permitting he may get into the process of reporting the vulnerability.

See you all there!

— TactiFail

Where:  Wilde Roast Cafe – 65 Main St SE, Mpls.
When: Thursday January 17th, 6PM

Thursday, December 13th – 6pm @ Wilde Roast Cafe

Written by  on December 10, 2018

Hello hackers!

Who has two thumbs, a sore throat, a newborn to take care of, and very little time to post details about this month’s meeting?

This guy.

Josh More will be presenting this month. It’s his “job talk” which I assume has to do with his book, Breaking into Information Security.  If that is the case, I would definitely recommend showing up if you are interested in starting (or advancing) your infosec career.  And if that is not the case, show up anyway!

— TactiFail

Where:  Wilde Roast Cafe – 65 Main St SE, Mpls.
When: Thursday December 13th, 6PM