Thursday, April 11th – 6:12pm @ Virtual

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Hello Hackers!

This month we continue the wireless trend with a talk from @r1otctrl titled “Warwheeling: The Wireless Sk8r”:

Welcome to the next generation of wardriving, where we encourage you to step outside, breathe in the fresh air, and shred the streets as you’re collecting ALL the WIFI. In this presentation, we’ll dive into the world of Warwheeling, a novel twist on wardriving that involves using a onewheel or any PEV as your mobile exploration hub.

Hi! I’m Riøt, SOCC analyst by day, warwheeler by night. My hacker circles are the #Wardriving group on WiGLE, DCG561/305 & Boca 2600. My Onewheel peoples are SoFlow, Float Gang, & Orlando Onewheel. My favorite form of touching grass hands down is going out on long rides on the Onewheel. It gives me a challenge to stress test wardriving rigs that can survive the elements when I’m out exploring. Still very new to RF but the past year has all been a learning period of what works and how to squeeze out every AP while trying to stay lightweight. Over the past year posting on my IG warwheeling content I have found a few others that also prefer this method of wardriving so it’s slowly growing trend wise lol.

Since the last talk went well over Discord, and after some discussion, we will be hosting meetings there going forward. We’ll still need to work out a system for people to view/participate without a Discord account, so maybe that will mean a simulcast and setting up Twitch or something. That’s how Defcon did it for the first remote-only con, but if anyone has any better ideas we are all ears. We’re also looking into recording talks (assuming the speaker is okay with it) so who knows, maybe a YouTube channel is in the future.

If you need a Discord invite, look no further.

Talk starts at 6:12 PM U.S. Central, but feel free to hop in early and chat.

— TactiFail

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