June 14th Meeting 7pm @ Elsies

Written by  on June 5, 2012 

Please note that we are not starting until 7PM as someone else is using the banquet room until that time.

This month Spenser Reinhardt will be presenting on basic stack overflow examples. Examples can be participated in by everyone during the presentation, through a virtual machine downloaded from the link at the bottom. While technically valid exploits, present mitigation techniques such as DEP and ASLR will be turned off, and likely would prevent most if not all of these attacks.

****Note: To participate, you must download and bring the virtual machine with you: Protostar VM Download: http://download.exploit-exercises.com/exploit-exercises-protostar.ova

The vm is downloaded as a OVA file, which is a combination of virtual machine files into a tar. Both Virtualbox and VMware should have little to no issues running this file, although some converting may be needed. Please email the list or join mplsctfgames irc if you have any issues, and preferably be ready prior to the presentation.


7:00PM-7:30PM – Get in, get drinks and food ordered

7:30PM-???? – Spenser Reinhardt

See you Thursday!





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