2023 Toxic BBQ September 23rd!

Written by  on September 8, 2023

Hello hackers!

We have exciting news: The 2023 DC612 Toxic BBQ is on!

  • When: Saturday, September 23rd from 4PM to 10PM Central
  • Where: Minnehaha Falls Regional Park, Wabun Picnic Shelter G (map here)
  • What:
    • Food! Bring food and we will grill it, or just show up and eat.
    • Hackers! We have been told there may be hackers in attendance.
    • Music? Games? Prizes? Stickers? Whatever you bring!
  • Cost: Zero dollars!

This is a group-led event, so it is only as good as we make it. We have a sign-up sheet here to track what everyone is bringing, please fill it out if you plan on bringing stuff. Please note that canned beer is allowed, but no other alcohol per permit rules. We always need food, but paper plates, plastic utensils, and napkins never go out of style. If someone wants to bring musical entertainment, or games, or a vulnerable WiFi spot, all the better!

Nobody is required to bring anything or pay anything to attend and eat, but keep in mind that our official budget is also zero dollars, so we will only have what we all bring.

See you all there!