Thursday, December 14th – 6:12pm @ Virtual

Written by  on December 14, 2023

Hello Hackers!

This month, we will be joined by @MiloSilo_Hacks who will be presenting some prompt engineering attacks to bypass ChatGPT restrictions:

I have created TTPs and two tools to assist in manipulating generative AI which bypass all the ethical boundaries of ChatGPT. I have a heads-up display ratings system you can add into ChatGPT to understand how it thinks. This talk will include a live demo.

I’m peter Halber, aka Milosilo. I’m a senior red teamer at a big corporate bank, and also former counterintelligence agent. I combined my skill sets to redteam generative AI via prompt engineering. When I’m not hacking, I like to spend time with friends and family. I enjoy cooking, the outdoors, and playing flight simulator. I also have great jokes.

As usual, we will be meeting online at

Talk starts at 6:12 PM U.S. Central, but feel free to hop in early and chat.

— TactiFail