Thursday, April 14th – 6:12pm @ Virtual

Written by  on April 11, 2022

Hello Hackers!

This month we are joined by Nathaniel Engelsen, a Twin Cities technology executive specializing in cloud architecture, DevSecOps, and building security into digital products, who also happens to be Director of Global DevOps for Canon Medical. He will be presenting on Zero Trust:

Keeping technology secure is just too damn hard. Nation-states, persistent threat actors, script kiddies armed with NSA exploits – the threat landscape is saturated with threats. Enter “Zero Trust Security” – the worldview that we might as well assume that threat actors are getting in, so we gotta figure out what to do about it. Join Nathaniel as we look at what zero trust is, what the government is saying about it, and evaluate some tips and techniques to implement it.

As usual these days of Covid, we will be meeting online at

Talk starts at 6:12 PM U.S. Central, but feel free to hop in early and chat.

— TactiFail