Oct 11th Meeting 6pm @ Hack Factory

Written by  on October 2, 2012 

This month we are going to be doing another project night and prepping for the launch of our video/picture taking space-bound sounding balloon. We are planning on launching the balloon Saturday Oct 13th at 11am from Bailey Elementary School in Woodbury. So what is this whole balloon thing? Several people have done it before and it sounded cool, so we decided that we wanted to do it too. The plan is to fill a HUGE balloon with helium and attach a payload including a camera and a cell phone with GPS tracking into space to get some cool pictures/video. Sound like fun to you? We will be getting last minute prep done during DC612 on the 11th, then launching it on the 13th.

*Note: We are still awaiting final approval from the FAA for the launch. We have to get their approval as the balloon is expected to burst at 68,000+ feet.

As always, The Hack Factory doesn’t have a bar, so bring your own food & beer and remember, there are no maids on the Hack Factory payroll, so you need to clean up after yourself.


6PM-??? – Project Night/Balloon Prep

See you Thursday!


Hack Factory is located in the Seward neighborhood. Enter via the yellow side door.

3119 East 26th ST

Minneapolis, MN 55418.




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