Thursday, October 13th – 6:12pm @ Virtual

Written by  on October 12, 2022 

Hello Hackers!

This is going to be another social hour style meeting. @TactiFail will be taking center stage sharing some of his favorite #Hack365 adventures so far, and anyone else who has a project to share is invited to speak up!

On his list of topics tonight is:

  • HackRF and radio signals generally
  • Flipper Zero capabilities
  • JBadgulator and hardware hacking
  • Philosophical musings about the nature of hacking, what it means to rediscover a lost part of your self, and how to walk the fine line between doing something because you love it and doing something because you feel like you have an obligation to uphold a personal challenge that may be to your detriment
  • Maybe some Arduino stuff idk

As usual these days of Covid, we will be meeting online at

Talk starts at 6:12 PM U.S. Central, but feel free to hop in early and chat.

— TactiFail

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