Thursday, April 11th – 6pm @ Wilde Roast Cafe

Written by  on April 6, 2019 

Update: Unfortunately with the coming storm we have decided to cancel the April meeting. We may reschedule if it works out for our speakers (and the weather), so keep an eye on this channel for more.

Annnnnnd, We’re Back!

DC612 is back on our regular night (Second Thursday) and at our regular location (Wilde Roast).

This month we get Blue, with POWER-RESPONSE !

Power-response is a modular, open-source PowerShell incident response framework that allows incident responders to take advantage of robust tools in a consolidated console while conducting the incident response effort. Power-Response takes advantage of PowerShell remoting and uses additional 3rd party tools for data collection and to perform automated analysis with the goal of reducing the time needed to collect and perform analysis on critical data.
Whether you’re Blue Team, Red Team or just craving the gelato, This talk is for you!
Happy Hacking!

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