Thursday, July 14th – 6:12pm @ Virtual

Written by  on July 10, 2022 

Lets gather this month to celebate Fête nationale française! otherwise known as Bastille Day. What does Bastille Day have in common with our speaker this month you ask? Well, nothing but I’m sure we can come up with some correlation between Kratom and the storming of the Bastille.

This month we are joined by local scientist and opioid researcher, Pthamm. They will bring us all up to date with the latest research on Kratom – what we know from the peer-reviewed published studies and what we don’t.

Pthamm will answer questions like “What are the claims people are making about Kratom and what can the science say about those claims”. Pthamm read the peer reviewed scientific studies so you don’t have to!

As usual these days of Covid, we will be meeting online at

Talk starts at 6:12 PM U.S. Central, but feel free to hop in early and chat.

Hope to see you there in your Blue, White and Red!


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