Thursday, July 8th – 6:12pm @ Virtual

Written by  on July 6, 2021

Hello hackers!

This month we are happy to have Jacen Kohler join us to speak a bit on physical ID forgery:

A common method of gaining legitimacy on social engineering is the “Appeal to Authority” technique. This involves preforming OSINT on your target and referencing a figure of authority. If you have a fake employee ID, you can take a step closer to becoming the authority. A forged badge can add a visual layer to your story helping target employees become more likely to see you as a legitimate entity. In this talk, I will be showing how to create simple forged IDs, share some tips that helped me in previous engagements, and give an overview of times when having a fake badge helped me achieve my goals set forth by the client.

Jacen R Kohler has been working in cyber security and information security for the last 6 years. He received his degree in Computer Engineering from the University of North Texas in Computer Engineering. His career in security consulting has taken him through many industries including finance, transportation, energy, and government.

As usual these days, we will be meeting online at

— TactiFail

DC612 ToxicBBQ – Saturday July 24th noon – 4pm @ Lauderdale Community Park

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IRL DC612, could it be true ?

While our meetings are staying virtual for the time being, we couldn’t pass up the chance to schedule a real life, in-person BBQ, ToxicBBQ – DC612 Edition.

For those unaware of the ToxicBBQ tradition, it’s simple. We provide the space, you show up with you favorite grill item to share. Folks are welcome to bring meat to brill, veg items, chips and anything that might be helpful or tasty. Recommendation for contributions are in the Google Doc. PLEASE tell us what you’re brining so we don’t end up with 800 hotdogs and no buns, okay?

Sign-up Sheet For Food, Beverages, Charcoal and Misc

We have the Picnic Shelter @ Lauderdale Community Park reserved for 4 hours, from noon – 4pm, thanks to long time attendee and friend of DC612, Josh. He had to brave city hall and government forms to get us this park shelter rental. When you see him, say THANKS!

Its been a long road,

getting from there to here,

It’s been a long time

But our time is finally near

Star Trek – Enterprise

2328 Roselawn Ave W, Lauderdale, MN 55113

Thursday, May 13th – 6:12pm @ Virtual

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Hey Hack Fam.

We’re back for another Virtual Edition of DC612. This months featured speaker comes to us all the way from across the pond.

Gem Hill (@Gem_HIll) is a software tester by day, and is passionate about self care and mental health. She runs SelfCare Backpack in her spare time ( and develops tools, resources, and talks on Self Care and wellbeing.

Self care can be tough when:

  • your normal routines are unavailable
  • you may not have the time/space/mental energy
  • we’re living in ‘interesting times’

As well as a reminder of what self care is and why it’s important, this talk will also share some tips and reminders on how to fit self care around your life and circumstances.

Same Cyberspace channel!

See you There!

-Kat @NightmareJS

Thursday, April 8th – 6:12pm @ Virtual

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Hello Hackers!

This month we are happy to have @grnbeltwarrior speak on red team phishing operations:

Where is the Red Team? There’s a sign here that reads: Gone Phishing. I am aiming to cover some ground on what is phishing. A brief inventory of what you can have in your tackle-box. OSINT for phishing, OPSEC considerations, seeding and paying attention to details can clue you into combining technologies to get a user to click.

As usual these days of Covid, we will be meeting online at

See you there!

— TactiFail

Thursday, April 1th [sic] – 6:13PM [sic] @ Virtual

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Hello, Hackers!

This month, we are excited to have not one, but TWO meetings scheduled! The normal “second Thursday” meeting will be on April 8th as usual, and details will be posted in a separate update, but we have a special Totally Serious meeting this Thursday, April the First, at 6:13 PM (6:12 PM had a scheduling conflict) as well!.

We will have three speakers, each presenting a short 10-minute talk on a topic of their choice. This is ground-breaking research, and we are proud to be able to share it with you. The speaker deck includes:

  • “Cyber Meteorology: Cloud to Lake and back again…” An unclassified DoD briefing on the Data Water Cycle and its threats and opportunities. – @hackermatic
  • “C aF*@!” The cipher everyone is using and you didn’t know it – @435ftw
  • “Modernizing the pathos of the software development life cycle to adhere to post pandemic mental health” – @strongthany_

Possibly not in that order, but we’ll see (our PRNG is a bit wonky lately). Either way, very excited to see you all this Thursday, April 1th [sic].

As usual these days of Covid and ships getting stuck sideways in the Suez Canal, we will be meeting online at

— TactiFail